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How to Put an End to Excessive Gas

Some people may have problems with excessive gas release. Whether it’s burping or farting a lot, it is quiet embarrassing and bothersome when they’re excessive and difficult to control. In order to spare you the trouble, we’ve gathered up some tips that’ll help you tame the problem.

Stay Away from Gassy Foods : Some foods are known for causing unwanted gases. These include fruits such as apples and pears, vegetables like broccoli and onions, and some dairy products. A way to lessen that effect is to cook foods in your diet that causes these unwanted gases. However, keep in mind that cooking also lessens the food’s nutritional value.

Avoid Eating Fast : You swallow a good deal of air as you eat fast. Excessive gas release is the consequence. Take your time to chew and slow down as you eat or drink.

Wrong Habits : As you chew your gum, smoke, or suck a drink from a straw, you swallow a lot of air in the process. It fills you up and your body gets rid of that much air some way or another.

Take Digestive Enzymes : These over-the-counter drugs make a noticeable difference just within a few weeks.

Stay Away from Artificial Sweeteners : Most artificial sweeteners contain sorbitol as an ingredient which worsens gas release problems.

Drink Before Mealtime : Drinking water 30 minutes before having a meal helps food breakdown. Contrary to drinking while eating which weaken stomach acids and slow down digestion.

Take Activated Charcoal : Activated charcoal binds to fluid in your stomach easing the release of gases.

Consult a Doctor : Sometimes excessive release of gas may be a symptom for a medical problem. These problems include irritable bowel syndrome, upper gastrointestinal disorders, lactose intolerance and even colon cancer. That’s why it’s highly recommended to consult a doctor when excessive gas is a serious problem.

How to Put an End to Excessive Gas

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