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How to Protect Yourself Naturally from Hypertension

Hypertension which is commonly known as high blood pressure is a life threatening disease. However, if you were diagnosed with hypertension, you need to worry about your lifestyle more than the type of medicine prescribed for you, because your lifestyle largely affects your treatment of hypertension. Here is how to improve your lifestyle and protect yourself naturally from hypertension.

1- Lessen your sodium intake. Sodium or in other words salt, significantly affects hypertension. Naturally, it affects people differently and it depends on certain elements like age, history of certain diseases like diabetes, blood pressure or chronic kidney disease. If you happen to have hypertensions, try to reduce sodium intake to less than 2000 milligrams a day.

2- Work on reducing your waistline. Studies have found that the risk and gravity of hypertension is often increased with weight gain. Moreover, obesity can lead to further complications that can worsen hypertension, such as sleep apnea.

3- Improve your diet and make it healthier. More than a life saving tip, following a healthy diet is just common sense that should be applied by everyone. You can make a journal on how and what you eat and you will recognize the mistakes in your diet. Moreover, avoid eating out or consuming processed foods as much as possible.

4- Regular exercise can improve your health and significantly reduce any health risk that might arise because of hypertension. Exercising will lower blood pressure and help you control your weight better. You do not need anything extreme, just jogging, cycling or swimming will do.

5- Keep your drinking habits in check. Small amounts of alcohol are good for reducing blood pressure. However, heavy drinking can worsen hypertension. Moreover, drinking high amounts of alcohol can null the effect of your hypertension medications making your condition worse.

6- Avoid stress and stressful situations. If being stressed is kind of a habit for you, then you should try to change your way of thinking and how you perceive things. Stress can worsen your blood pressure significantly especially if it is joined with other blood pressure causes.

How to Protect Yourself Naturally from Hypertension

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