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How To Prevent And Treat Acnes Naturally

There are many factors that contribute to acne outbreaks like imbalance in the body hormones, bad diet, stress or pollution, you can find many treatments that claim to treat Acnes in the markets but all of those treatments contain chemicals that may build up toxins in your body, there is nothing better than nature and there are many natural ways you can treat your Acnes let us discover them in the list below.

To take care of your beauty and enhance it you should always keep your motto ‘prevention is better than cure’ therefore it is important to have a healthy balanced diet and stay away from fatty or sugary foods.

One of the best natural treatments to prevent and treat Acnes is green clay, all you will need to do it mix it with a little warm water to make it soft enough to spread on your skin, allow the clay to dry for twenty minutes then wash it off with warm water and you will be surprised how radiant and healthy your skin looks.

– Other Effective Home Remedies To Treat Acnes:-

Lemon juice, tomato juice and glycerin, this is a very effective remedy where you can mix equal amounts of all three Ingredients and apply it to the face after showering with warm water when the skin pores are still open.

Lemon Juice, you can apply Lemon juice directly concentrated or diluted on the areas where Acnes present.

• Cucumber Mask, cucumber will help to absorb the excess oil from your skin all you need to do is apply cucumber slices to your face and leave them for ten minutes while you relax.

– Tips To Follow To Prevent The Unwanted Acnes And Pimples.

.Use unscented natural soap to clean your skin.

.Exfoliated your skin gently regularly to remove the dead skin cells and promote the production of new cells.

.Avoid touching the Acnes to prevent infection in different areas of the face.

. Use non-comedogenic products that prevent the clogging of the skin pores which lead to acne breakouts.

How To Prevent And Treat Acnes Naturally

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