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How to prevent hair loss?

The frequent hair washing and drying, and using water that includes chlorine in washing hair leads to dryness of the hair, embrittlement and hair loss. Also, frequent use of hair dryers and the weather factors such as sunlight and wind cause hair loss. Here are some ways to prevent hair loss and to get healthy hair.

*Methods to prevent hair loss and take care of it:

– Reduce the use of dyes and chemotherapy for hair.

Massage the scalp with your fingertips gently during washing and rising.

– Do not put shampoo directly on the hair, but instead use shampoo diluted with warm water.

– Rinse your hair well until you get rid of the shampoo completely.

– It’s better to use a comb for styling the hair and getting rid of the dust before washing it.

– Use lukewarm water at the beginning of hair washing to get rid of the dust lingering in it.

– When you comb your hair while it is wet use a wide toothed comb as wet hair is liable to be cut quickly. You should also avoid combing the hair violently because that leads to removing the hair from its roots.

*Natural recipes to treat hair loss:

Castor oil: Mix castor oil with half a bottle of vinegar and apply the mixture on the scalp daily. It will protect your hair from falling.

Olive oil: Massage the scalp with some olive oil before going to sleep and cover it until the morning. Then, wash it. This recipe helps to strengthen the roots and prevents hair loss.

Salt water: Massage your scalp with it and it will protect the hair from hair loss and promote its growth.

How to prevent hair loss

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