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How to Prevent Eye Redness

Having red shot eyes is not an attractive sight, and can give people a false impression about you. There are several treatments for eye redness like the use of specific eye drops but the best treatment is preventing the redness from happening from the first place. Follow the steps below to avoid having to look at the world with bloody eyes:

1. Stay Away from Smoking
Eye redness can be due to eye diseases like dry eye syndrome, uveitis and diabetic retinopathy which are all aggravated by smoking. Quitting smoking is the best way to avoid its irritants. Until you quit, smoke outside to enjoy a smoke-free home or invest in an air cleaner.

2. Get Sufficient Sleep
The importance of getting enough hours of slumber cannot be stressed too much. Not sleeping enough dries your eyes and irritates them thus making them red. Other eye problems of insufficient sleep include puffy eyes and eye twitching.

3. Don’t Stare Too Long at Screens
Spending a lot of time with your eyes on an electronic screen decreases your blinking rate drastically. Not blinking enough prevents your eyes from getting moisturized, so they dry out and become red. When you have to stare at any screen for too long, try taking a break of twenty seconds by looking away from the screen every twenty minutes; voluntarily blink; and reduce screen brightness.

4. Control Your Allergies
Seasonal allergies cause eye redness as your body releases histamines which irritates your eyes. When allergy season approaches, make sure you are armed with antihistamines to fight the effects of allergens. In case you notice that allergic reactions from certain pets stay away from them completely.

5. Avoid Drinking Alcohols
Drinking triggers urination. Excreting too much urine dehydrates the body and makes you lose nutrients which are crucial for tear production. Minimizing your alcohol consumption benefits your whole body.

How to Prevent Eye Redness

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