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How to Prepare Yourself for a Marathon

Do you want to challenge yourself with a marathon for charity or just for the fun of it? If so, you better prepare yourself right, and here is how:

Study Marathon Course Before-hand : In order to avoid surprise and confusions before running a marathon, check out your marathon course and construct your own map.

Speak to Expert Runners : The comfort and advice you get from former marathoners can be quiet helpful. Listen to the stories they have to tell, it will boost your enthusiasm.

Don’t Run Everyday : It’s important to have rest days during your week. It’s been proven that training three to four days a week lessens the possibility of injury and is physiologically healthier than training every single day.

Cross-train for Better Running : Slip-in other sports in your training such as weight-lifting, yoga, or swimming. Cross-training improves your fitness, endurance and limits the chance of injury.

Train with Others : Training on your own may get boring and discouraging. However, training and running with a group of friends or coworkers is the best way to keep your motivation going.

Find the Right Shoes : It’s very important to find the most comfortable pair of shoes before starting your marathon. Once you settle for the right shoes for your marathon, make sure you get used to it and try it before your big day.

Wear a Heart Rate Monitor Regularly : Wear a heart rate monitor during training to examine changes in your heart rate which will inform you about what’s happening in your body.

Don’t Change your Routine on Marathon Day : Train like it is marathon day. Keep your shoes, sleeping pattern, warm up techniques and diet in routine before and on the marathon day. Drastic changes can vastly alter your overall performance.

Start Off Slow : One of the most common mistakes is starting too fast. This will eat up your energy fast too. Start off slow and pick up speed as you go.

How to Prepare Yourself for a Marathon

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