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How to Prepare Healthier Coffee

Starting a day without drinking coffee is usually tough for a number of people. Coffee has a lot of benefits besides its awakening effect; however, coffee preparation can result in more harm than benefit. A healthier coffee can be prepared with the following tips:

1. Lose the Dairy Products

Conventional dairy products like milk used in coffee often contain growth hormones, GMOs, pesticides and antibiotics. To avoid consuming these health destructing elements, whiten your coffee with nut or seed milk. Otherwise, if you prefer the taste of dairy, opt for organic raw milk or creme.

2. Choose Organic Coffee

Farmers treat crops with chemical fertilizers and pesticides to increase their production. Unfortunately, coffee is treated the most among all crops. Drinking a couple cups of coffee per day accumulates these chemicals and puts its drinker in the risk of miscarriage or cancer. Prevention of chemical ingestion through coffee can be established by choosing organic coffee.

3. Offset Adrenal Depletion

Regular caffeine consumption leads to adrenal fatigue by continuously stimulating the adrenal glands. When a person reaches this stage, they can drink all they want from coffee and not feel energized. Restoring adrenal balance is possible by using adaptogenic herbs or putting minute amounts of medicinal mushrooms in your coffee brew.

4. Raise the pH

Coffee’s acidity is one of its worrying aspects especially that our food, composed of meats and grains, is acidic on its own. You can offset the acidity of coffee by brewing it in spring water or other alkaline water. You can also take vitamins and minerals that aid in alkalizing the body.

5. Reduce the Use of Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is usually GMO and often contributes to live and gastrointestinal problems. Sweeten coffee using a sugar like coconut sugar as it is less refined and low-glycmic. You can add cinnamon to control spikes in blood sugar.

How to Prepare Healthier Coffee

How to Prepare Healthier Coffee

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