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How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy After 40

Many women decide to have children after 40, which is to a certain extend safer than before thanks to the advanced technologies and medical techniques. However advanced maternal age can still pose medical complications for both the mother and the baby that should be avoided, preparation of the body before pregnancy can help prevent complications and ensure a smooth pregnancy.
Here’s a list of how to prepare your body for pregnancy after 40.

1- Make A Pre-conception Consultation With Your Health Care Provider.

Women as they age they start getting more susceptible to different health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes even other conditions that may impair their fertility, making a medical consultation and knowing your risks and how to avoid them will keep your eyes open for any complication that occur during pregnancy.
Ask your health care provider how to increase your chances of pregnancy and what lifestyle changes you should apply to your life in order to prepare your body to host a healthy pregnancy.
Make sure it is safe for you to continue with any medications you are currently taking during the period of trying to conceive and pregnancy or not and what are the other allowed alternatives.

2- Consider Fertility Treatments.

It can become more difficult to conceive naturally after 40 so you may consider taking oral fertility treatments which are oral pills that get taken 3 to seven days of your cycle to enhance ovulation, these meds have a high rate of success of 50% and specially if you are not ovulating or having Polycystic ovarian syndrome or producing immature eggs that can’t be fertilized, this treatments will be very helpful in your case.

3- Get Any Existing Health Condition Under Control.

If you have any expositing health condition makes sure to keep it under control with suitable meds before conceiving.
If you have a sexually transmitted infection make sure to get treatments for it as most STIs will cause difficulties conceiving or first term miscarriages.
Most STIs can be treated effectively with antibiotics, take blood tests and make sure you are STIs free before you conceive.

4- Change Your Lifestyle.

Changing your lifestyle is important to increase your chances of conceiving and having a healthy trouble free pregnancy.
Quit smoking if you are a smoker because smoking can cause several undesired health conditions for you and the baby, smoking can also lead to birth defects in the baby.

Reduce alcohol consumption. Reduce your consumption of alcohol to the minimum but it will be optimal if you just don’t consume it at all as it was linked to birth defects in the nervous system of the baby.
Start eating healthier to load your body on important nutrients that support a healthy pregnancy.

How To Prepare Your Body For Pregnancy After 40

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