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We all know it is important to have a healthy body to live a long productive life, but do you care much about your brain health? How can you power up your brain with your everyday activities? If you seek a temporary boost, you can load up on energy drinks and caffeine that could be detrimental to your health.

So, we need to boost our brain health with sure- fire ways that are good for us and their effectiveness is supported by scientific evidence. Until recently, we thought it is not easy to improve our basic cognitive skills.

Actually, brain training provides promises of genuine improvements to our basic cognitive skills, such as decision- making speed, the speed at which we process information and working memory. Brain training is often done via a person’s tablet, laptop, personal computer or phone, and it mostly appears to be a leisure activity rather than a clinical intervention or an educational pursuit.

These games stimulate targeted areas of the brain that are essential to intellectual activity. This kind of practice can lead to the process of neurogenesis, as we can literally power up our brains with the right types of mental exercises.

Through these exercises devised to address certain brain areas, we can reason more logically, have more creative insights and become agile thinkers. Unfortunately, the field has become cluttered with charlatans riding the new wave of what is called “cognitive training”. Still, this does not belittle the fact that the brain, according to scientists, is never fully formed and it is constantly in the process of growth and change.

Most certainly, cognitive activities stimulating this growth and change can make our brains more fully developed on a physiological level. Psychologists are increasingly aware that brain cell connections really grow due to stimulation, and as a result stimulated brain areas are better developed.


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