How to Plan a Luau Party – Decoration, Feast and Entertainment

There is no need to go to Hawaii or another Polynesian place to get into the tropical mood. All you need to do to get into the Aloha spirit is to plan a Luau themed party. Luau parties are suitable for many occasions like reunions, summer gatherings and birthday parties. Just follow a few guidelines to host an unforgettable Lula party.

1. Getting Started

Any party requires invitations and choosing invitation cards for a luau is a piece of cake. You just need to choose a tropical design for your cards including shells, palm trees or even a SpongeBob Square Pants theme if the party was made for a child’s birthday. You can find a lot of invitation designs online just by searching for Lula party invitation cards. A hint for the guests to wear Hawaii clothes or bring grass skirts with them would be a nice touch.

2. Decoration

Luau parties are best held outdoors and would be most spectacular next to a pool where guests can feel a kind of tropical breeze. The secret of confirming a tropical ambiance is to add some very affordable decorations. Examples include totem poles; leis, even if they were made from paper; palm trees, if not natural can be inflatable balloons; and the use of coconuts by drawing funny faces on them or cutting them and using them as candle holders.

3. Feast

Attendees of luau parties expect a tropical feast. Therefore, you ought to set the table with barbecued meats and hotdogs, and tropical fruits such as pineapples, banana, and papaya. Traditional luau beverages such as pina colada can be beautifully served in glasses adorned with little cute umbrellas. Make sure to have a variety of dishes to satisfy all tastes.

4. Entertainment

A luau party like all parties is made alive with music. Ukuleles are unique instruments in Hawaiian music and you can have speakers playing them in the background of your party. For more entertainment, invite the party guests to participate in a limbo competition.

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