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How to get pink lips

Many factors have bad effect on your lips like food and weather. Lips get dark by time. On the other hand, there are many natural elements that restore the softness and the pink colour to the lips.

1. Exfoliating the lips by brushing them gently with a toothbrush. You can use olive oil with sugar to restore the softness and pink colour.

2. Moisturizing the lips with a lip balm daily. You can also use vitamin E and Shea butter to moisturize lips.

3. Cucumber juice is very useful to soften your lips and lighten their colour. You can rub a slice of cucumber over your lips and leave it for five minutes.

4. Lemon juice also is another natural element which makes your lips pink. To use it, cut a slice of lemon and sprinkle it with some sugar. Then, rub it on your lips.

5. Turmeric powder and honey mask help a lot to soften the lips. You can apply it on lips for ten minutes. The turmeric helps to lighten the colour, the massaging promote blood flow, and the honey gives moisture to the lips.

6. Do not leave the makeup on your lips at night. You can use natural elements as almond oil or olive oil to remove the makeup on your lips and it gives them nourishment also.

7. You can apply beetroot juice on your lips to brighten your them. By time beetroot juice make your lips pink naturally.

8. Raspberry lip mask is a very good mask that makes your lips pink, and moisturizes them. You can make the mask by adding two fresh raspberries to aloe vera gel and half a teaspoon of honey.

9. Rose petals if used on lips, or added to a few drops of glycerin, makes lips pink naturally. Leave the mixture for fifteen minutes.

10. A mixture of pomegranate seeds and almond milk is a very useful method to make lips pink. Massage the mask in your lips and leave it for ten minutes, then wash the lips.

How to get pink lips

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