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How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

The lips are the frame of the face, beautiful lips enhance the beauty of the face, some people are blessed naturally with beautifully shaped pink lips, while others lost the radiance and beauty of their lips due to several external or genetically factors, if you sound more like the later then check out the following natural remedies that will grant you beautiful pink and filled lips naturally.

Before listing the remedies, make sure to avoid the elements that could harm your lips and make them look dark and burnt, the sun is one of the strongest factors that could affect your lips negatively, to protect your lips from the sun, make sure to apply SPF lip balm on your lips before going out in the sun light, you can use the lip balm as a base for your lip gloss to make sure that your lips are protected.

1- Aloe Vera Gel.

One simple way to restore the beauty of your lips back is to apply fresh aloe Vera gel to them daily, aloe Vera gel is rich in vitamin E and moisture that will nourish the lips and remove any dead skin that make the lips look dull and lifeless.

2- Cucumber.

If you want to hydrate you lips and lighten their tone, use cucumber to massage your lips everyday for two weeks and you will see the notable difference.

3- Olive Oil and Honey.

One classic remedy to get pink lips is applying a mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and honey to your lips every night before going to bed, this mixture is rich in vitamin E and C beside the nutrients and antioxidants content in the ingredients that will reverse the damage that environmental factors leave on the lips.

4- Beetroot Juice.

Beetroot is natural ingredient that can make your lips soft and cherry pink, not the stain in there alone that will enhance the beauty of your lips but also the powerful antioxidants content that helps in renewing damaged cells.

5- Rose Petals and Butter.

In the blender blend rose petals and butter, refrigerate the mixture and apply it to your lips whenever is possible, the red stain found in rose petals will enhance the redness and beauty of the lips while the butter moisturize the dry skin on the lips.

Keep this fact in your mind the lips are made up of very sensitive skin tissue, they get affected by the environmental and health factors very quickly, thus they require intense attention to maintain their beauty.

How To Get Pink Lips Naturally

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