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How To Have Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows at Your Home, no Need to Salon

If you want that perfect movie star look, your eyebrows have to be perfectly shaped, and in order to get perfectly shaped eyebrows you have one of two options, either you go regularly to a salon and have to wait for your turn, waste too much time and specify a monthly budget just for your eyebrows or you can shape it yourself right at your home in any free time you have using only a tweezers and an eyebrow pencil.
Here’s how to shape those eyebrows perfectly.

– Find Where Your Eyebrow Should Begin.

To have perfectly shaped eyebrows, finding the spot where the eyebrows should begin is a key, since starting too far can mess up the balance of your face, to figure out where your inner brow should start follow this method.
. Use a pencil or another similar long and thin instrument; line the pencils up from the corner of your eyes to the edge of your nose.
. The point where the instrument overlaps in your eyebrow is the spot where it should begin.

– Determine The Best Spot For Your Eyebrows Arch.

Most eyebrows arch naturally, however sometimes this area is covered with light hair, finding the peak of the brow arch is essential to get this perfect shape, determine where the brow arch peak should be by following this technique.
. Look Straight Ahead In The Mirror.
. Line straight the pencil with the outer edge of your iris and the outer edge of your nostril.
. The spot where the pencil across your eyebrow is where the arch should peak.
. Mark it with an eyeliner pencil.

– Determine Where Your Brow Should End.

Finding where your brow should end is as important as determining where it starts in order to shape your eye gracefully and maintain the balance in your look. To be able to determine the point where the eyebrow should end do this method.
. Line the pencil from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.
. The point where the pencil across your outer eyebrow is the point where it should end.
. Mark it with your eyeliner pencil.

– Determine How Thick You Warn Your Brows To Be.

The thickness of your eyebrows is very important to compliment your overall look, someone else’s brows thickness may not be suitable for you, you should determine the thickness of your brows according g to several factors.
. The size of your eyes matter, of your eyes are large and big, thicker eyebrows can balance the look, on the other hand if your eyes are smaller than thick eyebrows may overshadow the eyes, in this case thinner eyebrows would look better.
. The size of your lips, the lips and the eyebrows are the frame for the face so it is a general rule of thumb to shape the eyebrows according to the thickness of your lips.
. The distance between your brow bone and your eye, if the distance between your eyebrow and your eye is too small then thinner brow shape will be more tailored and will also help to lighten this area, on the other hand, if the distance is large then thicker and heavier eyebrows will look more graceful.

– Now that you learned how to point out with an eyeliner pencil where your eyebrow should start, arch and end and you determined the thickness you want for your eyebrows, start getting rid of the excess hair surrounding the eyebrow either by waxing or pickling with tweezers and voila you have the perfect shape of eyebrows.

How To Have Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows at Your Home, no Need to Salon

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