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How to Make Sure You Are Not Over-Helping Your Kids

Did you know that how you help your kids do different things – and how you treat them in general – has a lot to do with whether they turn up dependent or independent? In other words, your way of helping your kids with their chores and homework can majorly affect how they function in their lives and what they expect from others afterwards. So how do you make sure you are not turning your kids to dependent leeches-in-the-making?

1- Wait. Yes, I am telling you should wait before helping your kids or offering them help. Yes, I know it is aggravating to see chores done sloppily and take much much more time than what they ought to, still waiting teaches your kids that they need to rely on themselves first before asking for help.

2- Complement good deeds. When your kids help you with chores, complement them that for doing it on their own to establish the importance of self-reliance in their subconscious.

3- Point out mistakes. Just complimenting kids for their help makes praise of little worth. Pointing out mistakes makes your kids eager to improve their work and raise their levels every time.

4- Avoid negativity. It kind of goes without saying, but you need to treat your kids calmly and positively at all time. Don’t hurl orders at them, don’t frown in their faces, and whatever you do, don’t scream or yell at them.

5- When you need to help your kids if they face difficulty, do it one step at a time. First suggest thinking about the solution or looking at things a different way, then you offer verbal suggestion. Make doing things yourself the last step.
Teaching your kids to rely on themselves will help all of you in your lives on the whole run.

How to Make Sure You Are Not Over-Helping Your Kids