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How to Get the Motivation to Exercise

Do you want to work out? Need to lose weight? But just don’t find the motivation in you to do so? Procrastination and laziness are holding you back, but with these pieces of advice you will be finding it in you to get up and start exercising. Here are 5 methods that can encourage you to exercise.

1. Set a goal
Setting an aim is very important if you want to start doing anything, it is like making a promise to yourself. If you find yourself incapable of seeing the goal, set an aim that is a little easier for you to achieve.

2. Have a competition
If you are a sore loser then you are more likely to commit to exercising if someone else is doing it with you. You will be encouraged to become better than them, thus, work out more. Not to mention, workout routine would be more enjoyable if you have company.

3. Dress for the part
If you want to act the part, dress for the part. Buying brand new workout clothes and wearing them might encourage you to start exercising. Taking an mp3 with you and playing upbeat music might also get that motivation going.

4. Start with small steps
If you start off too hard, you might lose motivation half way and stop exercising. You need to understand that you will not become a workout champion immediately, it would take time and energy. Plus, setting a higher goal each day is a way to get you motivated.

5. Be a dog owner
Dogs like to play a lot, and it’s fun to play with them and take them on walks. You would be exercising without even taking notice. And if you are too lazy to get up, you know you can’t say no to that adorable puppy dog face.

How to Get the Motivation to Exercise

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