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How to Have the Most Gorgeous Eyebrows

Eyebrows can make or break your overall appearance according to the way you handle them. It is essential to know how to care for your eyebrows to keep them looking gorgeous all the time. Hence, we’ve brought you the best tips to help you follow the best practices that lead to beautiful eyebrows.

1. Brush Your Brows Daily : Use a little eyebrow brush to brush the hairs of your brows to keep them healthy and allow new thicker hairs to grow.

2. Don’t Pluck Everyday : Nobody notices the couple of stray hairs that grow daily except you. When you keep plucking each hair you see out of place, you will end up over plucking and getting too thin and light eyebrows.

3. Choose Your Tweezers Wisely : Tweezers that have pointed edges are a bad option because they pull skin along with hair. Better tweezers are the ones which have slanted, sharp edges because you can get better hold of them and aim for specific hairs.

4. Massage Your Eyebrows with Oil : Massaging your eyebrows with a couple drops of oil before sleeping will hydrate them and promote the growth of new thick hair.

5. Avoid Magnifying Mirrors While Plucking : Magnifying mirrors encourage over-plucking. Instead of using a magnifying mirror to assist you while tweezing extra hair, sit in a well lit place and use a normal mirror. Check your progress by looking at yourself from a bit far distance from the mirror as this is what others see.

6. Use Your Tweezers after a Shower : When you come out of a shower, your skin is softer. This facilitates plucking extra brow hair out. For similar soft skin without a shower, use warm water to wash your face and keep a wet towel over your brow area for about 10 minutes before reaching for those tweezers.
How to Have the Most Gorgeous Eyebrows

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