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There are a lot of articles about making money online, but too many of them are just for marketing to convince you to sign up for a training session or some seminar to become an online millionaire. However, it is possible to make money online through legitimate ways;

most of them require dedication and a lot of work before seeing a return. If you want to make money online and work from home, you can do it even with apps if you do not want to use the computer.

When you are applying for an online job, you must take it seriously and treat it as a real job or you will not be treated as a serious candidate.You are not the only one who seeks this kind of jobs; actually the competition online is likely higher.

When you submit your résumé, write in complete sentences with proper grammar and do not type in ALL CAPS. You must keep it professional because you are forming their views of you. Whether you are providing photography portfolio or writing samples, do not give so many examples that they do not know where to begin; just give them enough to get the idea. As we are on the topic, provide some of your background information not your life story.

Double check everything you send to the company, whether a portfolio, a résumé or an email (grammar and wording), do not spell the company’s name wrong and be sure to type it the way they type it.

There are different kinds of websites that are ready to pay you for different things such as taking surveys, testing products or shopping. These websites will not make you rich, but they are useful for earning extra money. Next time, we will mention some of these legitimate websites.


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