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Some people cannot stop eating sugar once they start and they are plagued with ongoing food cravings, particularly sweets. There are some steps to overcome sugar addiction provided by someone who was once sugar addict and bulimic.

It is important to add self- care to your life before eliminating sugar; fill your life with something positive like self- love instead of something negative and hurtful. Care for yourself in order to feel capable and strong and start trying some good habits; try reading a novel instead of baking and go for a walk instead of eating ice- cream.

Eat protein with every snack or meal at regular intervals to keep your blood sugar stable. Eat enough and regularly to feel satisfied otherwise you will crave sugar because you are hungry. The first few days of sugar abstinence can be very hard because craving is very powerful; at this stage go easy on yourself and do not work overtime or tackle a large project.

Do not cook for your family with ingredients that you are trying to avoid; call on others to encourage and support you. You must realize that binging on sugar is not a flaw in your character; it is just the way you cared for your hurts.

You need to have faith that your brain can be retrained to new ways – rather than sugar – to care for your feelings and needs. Your family should support you by hiding their sweets and not eating them in front of you till you are stronger enough to be around sugar without craving it.

Think of it as training wheels that give you safety when trying something new; and as you get stronger you take them off. Finally, you need to experiment and find out the healthy foods and fruits that can satisfy you the same way sugar does.

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