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People feel lonely for many reasons such as intentional isolation or social awkwardness; some would feel lonely even if they are surrounded by people because they cannot connect with them. Every person experiences loneliness at some point; and dealing with it takes several forms including connecting with your family, learning to appreciate your time alone and meeting new people.

First, you need to find out the reasons for your feeling lonely in order to make the necessary changes. For example, if you assume you feel lonely for not having enough friends, then you can make new friends.

Start journaling to help yourself understand better your loneliness and to blow off steam; devoting few minutes to write down your thoughts and feelings will help you a lot. Meditation is also recommended – according to some research – to ease your feelings associated with depression and loneliness.

If there are no meditation classes available in your area, you can buy CDs that would help you know how to meditate. Meditation needs a quiet spot and getting comfortable; you can sit on a chair, a cushion or on the floor and close your eyes concentrating on your breathing and do not get distracted by your thoughts.

If you find it hard to find out why you feel lonely and how to get past this feeling, you better talk to a therapist who can help you get through loneliness. Feeling lonely can be an indication of your depression or having another mental or psychological condition.

A mental health professional can help you understand better and determine the best course of action. You need to know that feeling lonely is normal as a human and reaching out to a family member or a friend to talk about your feelings – this sharing process – is important to realize you are not alone.

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