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How To Make Your Period Come Earlier Naturally

There are many reasons why some women sometimes wish to move their next period date a bit earlier than its due date, that could be for an important event coming up, a trip, exam,introduction or any other reason. However it is not so easy to move the period date and sometimes that is not possible without taking chemical substances and pills, however these chemicals can mess up with your hormones causing more damage that we are in no need for, fortunately there are a few natural methods that can help speed up your period which we will be listing to you below. However be cautious and always make sure to consult your doctor before trying any of the following methods.

1- Vitamin C.

High doses of vitamin C reduce the supply of progesterone to the uterus which as result help to break down the uterus wall and make it come down as the menstrual blood. However you must consult your doctor first before taking high doses of any vitamins because some vitamins (not vitamin C) can create a hard to break burden on the liver and can be even poisonous.

2- Herbal Teas.

There are many herbal teas that you can use to speed up your period very effectively, but they can mess up with your hormones and have some side effects with different severity according to your own case, among the mildly effective herbal teas to accelerate your period are parsley, chamomile, cinnamon, ginger, rosemary, feverfew, sage and raspberry leaf.
Other stronger herbs include black cohosh, junipers, rue, asafetida and Queen Annes Lace seeds.

3- Avoid Stress.

Stress boost thee production of certain hormone and chemicals in the body that can delay your period and make it come much later than you need, therefore make sure to avoid any stress and practice some relaxing techniques everyd.

4- Spend More Time With Other Women.

Although the effectiveness of this tip is in the air, but it is widely believed that spending long times with other women will end you all up getting your periods at near dates, so if you have a friend who is expecting her period on an earlier date than you try to spend more time with her.

5- Exercise.

Exercising improve the circulation and can help you accelerate your next period date, however make sure not to excessively exercise as that can lead to an opposite result to what you are looking for.

6- Acupuncture and Acupressure.

Acupuncture and Acupressure treatments have the capability to stimulate the circulation in the reproductive system making it function better, however these treatments can also make you skip periods so make sure to consult your doctor first.

7- A Hot Bath.

Hot water helps to boost the body temperature and relax the abdomen muscles while increasing the blood flow to the uterus at the same time, you can also consider applying hot packs on your lower abdomen frequently throughout the day.

8- Mind What You Eat.

Try to reduce or completely avoid salty food, high levels of sodium cause fluid retention which can worsen your menstrual symptoms and delay your period.

Eat foods that are rich with carotene such as carrots, papaya, beach, apricots and spinach.

Spice up your foods everyday with turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and cayenne pepper these spices increase the body heat and can accelerate your period date, you can also consider to drink a mixture of one teaspoon of each of those spices with a glass of warm water sweetened with honey daily fifteen days prior the date you want to have your period on.

Eat raw garlic crushed and red meat a lot, they also have the ability to increase the body heat.

How To Make Your Period Come Earlier Naturally

How To Make Your Period Come Earlier Naturally

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