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How To Make Vitamin C Facial Serum At Home

Vitamin C that we all make sure to include in our diet to boost our immunity is not only great for our internal health, but has the potential to do miracles for the way we look as well, vitamin C is an essential Anti-Aging agent, it prevent wrinkles and keeps the skin elastic and filled, vitamin C is included in most of the beauty products that are particularly sold to brighten, tighten and tone the skin, however most of these products are quit expensive, fortunately, you can make your own vitamin C serum at home with considerably no cost, the following are some tips to guide you through the process so read on.

What You Need Is.

You will need to visit a pharmacy or drug store to get the ingredients and it won’t take you more than five minutes to prepare your serum.

1- one teaspoon of natural vitamin C powder which is called L-ascorbic acid that is found in a natural way in food.
2- half a teaspoon distilled water.
3- half a teaspoon of rose water.
4- two tablespoons vegetable glycerine.
5- Dark colored bottle to store, the light can get vitamin C to oxidize so make sure the storage bottle is dark to block as much light as possible.

What You Need To Do.

The method is pretty easy and won’t take you any time.
Put all the vitamin C powder in the bottle with the distilled water and the rose water, consider to increase the water just a little bit if your skin is sensitive, now shake the bottle properly untill all the vitamin C powder is properly dissolved.

After you disolve vitamin C powder in the distilled water add the vegetable glycerine and shape properly untill the glycerine is dissolved too.

That is it, that is all you need to do to prepare your miraculous vitamin C skin care serum that coast nothing
You can store the serum in your fridge for up to two weeks and you can double the quantity if you need but make sure the value between the ingredients are maintained.
How To Make Vitamin C Facial Serum At Home

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