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How To Make Sure Your Smoothie Isn’t A Calories Bomb

You must be aware already that store bought smoothies and loaded with sugar and instead of helping you to lose weight they will make you gain extra pounds, but when you come to prepare your own smoothie at home you would never do such a mistake right? Well get ready to learn how to avoid making your smoothie loaded with calories because I promise you it is so easy to do when you just keep on tossing things in your blender.
Here’s how to avoid making your smoothie a 1000 calories.

1- Avoid Fruit Juices.

Don’t add fruit juices not even 10%, it is better to add whole fruits to increase the quality of the fiber you are consuming, it is better to assist the blonde with other choices like coconut water or low-fat milk.

2- Measure The Dairy.

Speaking of dairy, even though whole milk can be healthy and delicious, a smoothie is not the right place for it, you don’t need it to add thickness or to have a satiating fat content which you can get from other ingredients, using skimmed milk will save you about six grams of fat per cup.

3- Choose Your Protein.

Make sure your smoothie have only one source of protein whether it be nuts, Greek yogurt or powder, just make sure it is one. Protein helps to make your smoothie satisfying for longer times, but overdoing it is the easiest way to add up extra calories, things like quinoa, chia seeds or flaxseeds are great but even a teaspoon will be plenty.

4- Add Vegetables.

Don’t only use berries and bananas in your smoothie, a smoothie is a great way to take in some vegetables, leafy greens won’t even affect the taste, green herbs will add a lovely flavor, and when you come to using fruits, make sure your fruits are either frozen or packed in water not heavy syrups.

5- Be Smart With The Flavors.

You don’t need sugar or sweet ingredients like flavored yogurt to add flavor to your smoothie, instead use turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, Coco nibs which is the chocolate in its least processed form, you shouldn’t need to add sweeteners, however if you really need a sweet taste then consider raw honey or real maple syrup.

6- Oats Are Great.

Adding whole grain oats can be a great way to thicken and enrichen your smoothie with carbs and fiber that will stabilize your blood sugar for longer, however avoid instant oat which is more processed and often contain added sugar.

How To Make Sure Your Smoothie Isn't A Calories Bomb.

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