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How to Make your Own Simple Water Ionizer at Home

Ionizing the water is separating the alkaline water from the acidic in order to get healthy water. This operation is usually done in the certified labs and consumes a large amount of money. However, you can do a similar job inside your home with simplified materials and techniques. This article will show you a few techniques and results to the home version of this process.

Ionizing the water means that you put inside the water positive and negative electrodes connected with 12V or 24V power source to let the positive electrodes attract the alkaline water and the negative part attracts the acidic water. The alkaline water will be healthy water for drinking and cooking. That’s because the alkalized water is useful as it can reduce the acid in your bloodstream, urge you to drink more water, and help your body to absorb the nutrition from food.

To get the benefits of the alkaline water and purify your drinking water, you should first measure the level of pH in your tap water. If it is between 7 and 9, you will not be in need for such a process. If you find a different result, your water should be dissolved by a natural sea salt, baking soda, lemons, or just pH drops. These are the natural ways that will be available in your home.

You can use more professional ways to ionize your tap water such as a water ionizer, an ionizing water filter, a reverse osmosis water filter, or even an ordinary distiller with a few drops of the pH units. These materials will kill any bacteria in the water preventing the arthritis and prostate problems. There are researches that state that the alkaline water can decrease disease, slow ageing, and protect from possible infections.

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