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How to Make a Self-guided Walking Tour of Rome

The self-guided walking tours will give you a chance to have your special experience of the place and will let you spend longer times in the places you love and shorter period in the places that you don’t prefer.Such a tour in Rome will give you a different impression every time you visit the city because it has magnificent wonders in different fields such as history, architecture, and religion.

The successful self-guided tour will depend on a travel guide with detailed maps and historical information about every site in the city. This travel guide will be perfect if it has information about the restaurants, hotels, and transportations. This guide will enable you to visit the most interesting sites first and will give you an idea about the best locations and position for taking photos.

If you are interested in the historical sites, you will find your destination everywhere in Rome and you will find several locations and monuments dated back to 2000 or even 3000 years ago. One of these marvelous historical monuments is the Trevi fountain with its status that tells the story of the original aqueduct that forms the fountain. The Pantheon is another historical building that took 7 years to be built. The outer part of the original building was covered with marble and the ceiling indents were filled withgold and bronze. The Piazza Navonna is worth visited because it has four wonderful statues that represent the four rivers in the city in addition to amusing restaurants and a stadium.

The self-guide tour will enable you to taste the Italian foo with a good flavor because you will eatin the restaurants you choose with your cloth friends or family members. Now, you can prepare yourself and visit such a wonderful city without waiting for the travel agency to complete the group members.

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