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How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

There is no doubt about the fact that reapplying makeup two or three times a day is huge inconvenience that waste time, this is especially true in the case of busy working women that lack the time to even eat properly, even women that have time, they still find reapplying makeup to be annoying, so here are a few effective tips on how to make your makeup last longer than it usually does.

1- Keep Your Skin Clean.

In order to have your makeup lasting for longer, you should keep your skin clean, dead skin cells and oily surfaces can make your makeup fade quickly, wash, exfoliate and tone your skin properly before applying any makeup, also consider applying a moisturizer before applying foundation, if you apply the makeup on dry skin it may flake off.

2- Use A Primer.

A primer acts as a block between your skin and the foundation, it absorbs oil and grease which allows your skin to breath properly as well as ensure your makeup to last longer rather than becoming greasy or flaking off, primer also Evens the skin tone which enhance the job of the foundation.

3- The Foundation Is The Base.

The base of your makeup is the foundation, you should apply it in the right manner in order to have it lasting for longer, apply the foundation using a synthetic brush, use a powder-base waterproof foundation rather than dewy one, apply a small amount of foundation and blend from the inside near the center of your face outwards, then gently press a tissue to settle the foundation.

4- Use A Good Quality Powder.

A good quality matte powder will protect your makeup from fading even if you sweat, use a little darker shade of powder than the foundation to avoid the blemished look, and even if the makeup fades, use translucent powder and a brush to reapply it.

5- Let Your Lips Glow For Longer.

Glossy lipsticks won’t last long, matte formulations will be a better alternative for you, make sure that your lips are moisturized before applying the lipstick, in hot weather, opt to store your lipstick in the fridge before applying it to your lips.

6- Make Your Mascara Coat Last.

In order to avoid mascara smudges and keep your lashes looking glamorous for longer, powder your lashes first and coat it a first coat then let it dry up and apply a second coat, also stick to waterproof mascaras for a longer look.

How To Make Your Makeup Last Longer

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