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How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

How to make your kids eat vegetables and love them? is a question that most mommies ask themselves at some point of their daily lives, making your children eat their vegetables will ensure that they are getting the needed nutrients and fibers to grow healthy physically and mentally but unfortunately it often happens when you see your kids playing around with the vegetables served on their plate, leaving them or even throwing them in the pin. Forcing them to eat it or talking about it often may get them to be even more stubborn so how can you solve this problem? Here are a few tips to encourage your kids to eat all their vegetables everyday with joy.

– Start When They Are Young.

It is important to start encouraging your baby to eat vegetables since a young age, make it a main part of their meals so they get used to it as they grow, eat vegetables in front of them and dont overact and say yummy these veggies are so nice and crunchy, it is better if you just treat the vegetables just like normal food so the child don’t feel that this is something he/she is forced to eat.

– Be Creative.

Vegetables are colorful and kids love to play with colors, present the veggies in a creative way that get your kids excited to eat them while still learning their colors and shapes

– Present Vegetables in Different Ways.

Try to find a new way to present vegetables to your kids every day, one day mix it slightly steamed or sautéed with their rice or mashed potatoes, make them refreshing smoothies and don’t force them to drink it all off, grate the carrot for them and add honey on it, add lettuce, tomato and cucumber to their sandwiches, there are many options you can even try the delicious cauliflower pizza crust, most importantly don’t stick to only one way of presenting veggies to your kids.

– Give Vegetables As Appetizers.

Mostly children get hungry when it is near to meal time, so while you are preparing the meal, put a plate with some cucumber, carrot and celery sticks and they will pick them up and munch on them because hunger is overpowering them at this moment and they want care what they are eating that much. You can also incorporate vegetables in other favored appetizers for kids like spring roles with cabbage.

– Vegetables Deserts.

You can even add vegetables in the deserts you make for your kids, carrots, beetroot juice and spinach along with many other types of vegetables can be easily incorporated in desert recipes that your kids will enjoy so much, try carrot cakes, sweet potato pie, or add beetroot juice to your red velvet cake instead of the artificial colors.

How To Make Your Kids Love To Eat Vegetables

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