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How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home in 7 Steps

Yogurt is possibly one of the healthiest foods you can eat ever (if you are NOT lactose intolerant). Greek yogurt is the improved richer version of regular live culture yogurt. Here is how to make Greek yogurt:

1- First you need 2 Tablespoons of live culture yogurt, 4 cups of milk (it would be better if it has higher fat content), a saucepan or a pot for pasteurizing the milk, and a cheese cloth for straining the yogurt.

2- Pour the milk in your pot and place the pot over high heat. After 5 minutes (depending on the milk temperature), the milk will be about to boil. Turn off the heat and cover the milk and let it cool down. If you do not have weight issues, you can add some powdered milk and whisk it to make the yogurt even richer.

3- Take a small amount of the milk and whisk it with the live culture yogurt. Then add this mixture to the rest of the milk and stir it. Then pour it in a container and cover it.

4- Turn on your oven and let it warm up a bit then turn it off. Place the container with the yogurt-to-be in the oven. Leave it in the oven for about 8 to 12 hours.

5- Test the yogurt to make sure it is done. Lift the container and uncover the yogurt. Then tilt the container a little. If you find that the yogurt has formed some sort of soft block that moves away from the sides of the container then it is done.

6- Start straining the yogurt. Get a sieve and place it over a pot and stretch the cheese cloth inside it. Pour the yogurt inside this strainer. Put the yogurt set (the pot with the sieve and the yogurt inside it) in your refrigerator. Let it drain until it is as thick as you prefer it.

7- Here is the last step: take the strained yogurt of the yogurt set and put it in an air tight container

How to Make Greek Yogurt at Home in 7 Steps

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