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How To Make Your Eyes Look Younger By Makeup

Take a look at yourself, is the stress of the daily life caused some fine lines around your eyes? they say your eyes are the window to your heart and they are also the first part in your face to show visible aging signs unfortunately, so rather than working yourself up, just learn those make up secrets that will make your eyes look much younger and sexier in under 10 minutes, after all this is what cosmetic products are for right?

1- Try The Natural Way First.

Nature alone can help you have a younger looking eyes, lack of sleep is a major reason for older looking and exhausted eyes in the morning, so make sure to have adequate amounts of sleep every night, also opt to put two pillow under your head to prevent fluids from accumulating under your eyes. in the morning massage the area around your eyes with ice cubes, this eyes treatment is very effective in reducing swollen and baggy eyes they can also fade the dark circles that form under the eyes as a result of exhaustion and lack of sleep.

2- Try Home Remedies.

You sure have teabags at your home, wet them and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes a day and you will notice the amazing difference they will do, chilled cucumber, potato peels, and frozen peas are also great to rid you from those annoying lines and darkness around your eyes.

3- Apply Water-Based Foundation.

Foundation is one of the simplest and most effective ways to hide those creases that appear around your eyes, but it is water-based foundation that will do the trick here, it is smooth and can spread evenly and fill up the spaces between those lines, the best way to apply it is but putting a drop in your hand palm and use your fingertips to massage it in circular motion around your eyes starting from the inner lower corner of each eye.

4- Curl It Up.

No makeup product can do the wonderful effect that a curler do to open your eyes and make them look sexier and younger, don’t just hold the curler down on your eyelashes for few seconds, instead opt the open and close method to put more pressure for a longer lasting curls, repeat this at least five times on each eye then follow up with two coats of water-proof jet black mascara to perfect the look.

5- Get The Help Of The Right Concealer.

your eyes are looking too tired and old for your real age? it is time to get a help from a correct concealer, use a bit darker concealer than the shade of your foundation, but make sure to keep it light, overdoing your eye makeup will attract the attention to the problem that you are trying to hide in the first place, finish with a blush, lip color eye shadow and mascara.

How To Make Your Eyes Look Younger By Makeup

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