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How To Make Your Eyes Look Larger And Sexier

It is internationally agreed about that bigger and wider eyes are more attractive and beautiful, if you are not blessed with big eyes Naturally, there are many makeup tricks that can give you that result and you can feel and look much prettier, this article will share with you some of these tricks that you can do easily and the results are proven, so read on to learn.

How To Get Bigger Eyes That Reflect Beauty And Youth In Easy Ways.

Beside the surgical procedures that can a permenantely result but with huge expense, there are other products and procedures you can do simply to get temporary bigger eyes that look awesome.

The first trick is false eyelashes, false eyelashes will add a width to your eyes and drama to your face, false eyelashes are very temporarily though and can only last you few hours but they sure will make your eyes stand out and catch the attention, but when you are shopping for eyelashes, don’t always go for the biggest, make sure you find the sizes and thickness that suits your face and features.

Another trick to get your eyes to appear larger is applying eyelid glue or tape, these products are very common in many Asian countries where women usually have mono-lids or eyelids that don’t have creases, these products are mainly made of water soluble materials that are designed to create eyelids creases.

Big Eye Contact Lenses is one other trick that will give you larger eyes, these eye contact lenses are designed to cover a part of the eye white not only the iris which makes your eyes appear larger .

The last and most assured trick to create the illusion of larger eyes is by using the right makeup methods, for example, eyeliner can make your eyes pop out and catch the eyes, choose bright colors for the eye shadow and less bright colors for the lips to draw more attention to your eyes.

The mascara can give you a wonderful effect and widen your eyes so make sure to double coat your eyelashes for a maximum effect.
How To Make Your Eyes Look Larger And Sexier

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