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How to make your child appreciate what he or she has?

Life does not always gift us with our desires, so we need to make sure that our children are appreciative with what they have. Almost all the children when they do not get what they want, they act very annoyingly; we can train them to say “thank you” and “please” at a very early age, however appreciation takes time to blossom.

You can encourage thankfulness in your children but expecting it is another thing; as specialists say to raise a grateful kid is an ongoing process.

Kids tend to make lists of the toys they want and when your kid shows you his list, you need to show him understanding with letting him know it is impossible to have it all. That way he will not feel foolish or greedy, and at the same time you set his expectations.

Make your child think of the less fortunate and ask him to make a list of things to give. If you are going into belt- tightening, let him know but without much drama and keep it simple. Help your child understand that presents are thoughtful gestures not a way to score a materialistic gain; so if his classmate gives him a gift he does not like, you can say “wow, it is thoughtful of your friend to think of you”.

Train your child to show gratitude and appreciation even if he does not get what he wants, especially before gift- getting occasions. Remind him that people put effort to please him.

When you go on shopping for presents for your kid’s cousins, engage him in the process and ask for his opinion about which toy to buy for his cousin to get him excited about buying for others. If he starts whining to get something for himself, stay strong so that he knows whining will not get him anywhere. Finally, the above mentioned can be considered a long- term strategy to have grateful children.
How to make your child appreciate what he or she has

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