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How to Maintain Your Hygiene after Workout

If you constantly hit the gym, your body is lucky for keeping it healthy and in shape. However, there are other things you should keep in check for a healthy body like a proper hygiene. During and after workout, you may accidently commit these hygiene mistakes we’ve gathered up for you so you never fall into the same mistakes again.

1. Not Washing Your Face Straightforward : As you sweat during workout, bacteria find a nice habitat and bundle up in your pores. Always wash your face directly after workout. If possible, take a shower.

2. Wiping Sweat off with Your Hands : Gym equipment is packed with germs and sweat. A lot of it finds its way to your hands, and as you wipe the sweat on your face, it finds its way to your face too. Make sure to get your own clean towel.

3. Keeping Yoga Mats Rolled Up : After using yoga mats, we usually roll them up and set them aside for the next class. As they sit there with all the moisture and warmth, they build up empires of dangerous bacteria and germs. So if you don’t frequently wash your yoga mat, you’re subjected to skin diseases like acne, athlete’s foot, and meningitis.

4. Not Carrying Your Own Bottle : It’s much safer to carry your own bottle of water to the gym. Even if the gym has a water fountain, it probably carries more bacteria than any other place.

5. Standing Barefoot in the Shower or Sauna : In such moist places, many organisms find it a pleasant place to live. Always wear flip-flops as you enter the shower or sauna in a gym.

6. Staying In Gym Clothes : Spending the day in the comfy gym clothes you sweat on all day is not the best idea. You may end up with acne and other skin infections if you didn’t change your clothes right away.

How to Maintain Your Hygiene after Workout

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