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How to Lose Weight with No Pain

No pain, no gain is a valid statement, but so is Work smart, not hard. Reaching fitness doesn’t have to be a painful journey of blood, sweat and tears if you plan it correctly. In order to drop some extra pounds with the least amount of effort and feel accomplishment without feeling much loss, check out the following tips for guidance.

1. Make TV Time Useful

You can enjoy your favorite TV show without sitting down throughout it. Practice some light cardio while the show is on. Then get up during commercials and walk on the treadmill for a couple of minutes or do some high intensity exercises.

2. Have a Glass of Water before Every Meal

Hydration is of utmost importance, you can get an extra advantage of water by drinking it before meals. This will fill your gut a little and make less room for your appetite and prevent you from eating extra calories.

3. Eat More

Losing weight doesn’t have to be about deprivation. Add more healthy foods into your diet, items like fruits you love, more vegetables in your soup and low calorie snacks like popcorn will satisfy your tummy and provide you with essential nutrients.

4. Find New Interests

A lot of us eat out of boredom. Defy boredom by finding new interests like joining a book club, practicing yoga, or by getting involved in social or political problems.

5. Sharing is Caring

You can save money and consume fewer calories while splitting your meal when going out to eat. Sharing a dessert with your spouse, sibling or friend will make you even enjoy it more.

6. Use a Smaller Plate and a Smaller Spoon

When your mind sees a small plate filled with goodies, it gets more satisfaction than seeing a big plate with a little amount of food on it.

How to Lose Weight with No Pain

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