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How To Lose Weight With Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is a tasty and healthful beverage with very low calories, almost only two calories per cup, so it is an ideal drink for dieters and those planning to lose weight. Both Lemon and tea contain a potential ability to help you slim down, green tea for example is very effective in enhancing your metabolism and in return speeding up your weight loss, however don’t only count on green tea and Lemon as a weight loss strategy, it can only show effectiveness if accompanied with a healthy low calories diet and a proper exercising regime.

– Start Your Meal With Green Tea With Lemon Juice.

Drinking two glasses of water before each meal was proven to reduce appetite and calories intake, in a study published by the Obesity journal in 2011 on 48 participants, those who drank two glasses of water before each meal managed to shed more weight than those who didn’t in the same amount of time.

Well while water can be so effective in reducing your calories intake, green tea can be even better as more than any other type of tea it contains potential weight loss benefits thanks to the combination of Caffeine and polyphenols that both help in boosting metabolism, green tea when accompanied with lemon juice was also tested and proven to curb appetite so it is a perfect way to start your meal with in order to eat less and feel fuller.

– Increase Weight Loss Ability With Lemon Juice.

What can even increase the potential ability of green tea to help you lose weight in the vitamin C in lemon which improves the absorption of polyphenols found in green tea, studies also proved that adding some sugar or honey to the drink can further improve the quality of polyphenols but you should be cautious when adding sweetener so what’s supposed to be a low calories drink turns into a high calories one.
Also different studies showed that people who consume more vitamin C have the tendency to shed more weight during exercise than those who don’t.

If you are not a fan of lemon tea, you can still enjoy the tea by itself before your meal and incorporate the Lemon juice within the meal itself by squeezing half a lemon on your fish or seafood, adding lemon juice to the dressing of your salad or simply adding it to your glass of water, you will still get the benefit anyway you use it, however note that, heating vitamin C sources like Lemon juice may reduce the efficiency of vitamin C.

– Avoid Adding Milk Or Cream.

You may be very tempted to add some milk or cream to your black tea to give it some richness and enhance the flavor, however adding milk or tea won’t only increase the calories of what is supposed to be a low calories drink but also the dairy will stop the metabolism boosting mechanism in green tea.

How To Lose Weight With Lemon Tea

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