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How to Look and Grow Taller

Being the shortest one in your friends and family can be a little irritating. You know that such things as height are unluckily controlled by genes and heredity. But did you know that other factors can also play a role in determining your height? Check out how to get some height:

Get Active : Exercising, particularly throughout your teenage years, clearly advances your height. Hit the gym, join a sport or, if busy, walk around at least 30 minutes a day.

Balance Your Diet : A healthier fit body appears taller than a slack one. Get plenty of calcium, vitamin D, zinc and lean protein in your diet. All of which encourages bone and muscle growth. On the other hand, stay away from carbohydrates.

Certain Habits Inhibit Growth : Smoking, taking drugs, drinking alcohol and using steroids have a major impact on slowing down your growth. Children exposed to any of the factors grow up shorter and in poorer health.

Sleep Well : Natural growth hormone is mostly produced when we’re sleeping. It’s important to give our body an adequate amount of sleep to allow improved growth.

Stand Up Straight : Having a straight posture makes you look much taller than having a slouchy posture with your back downward.

Know What to Wear : If you have tall legs, draw attention to them more by wearing shorts or skirts. Stay away from leggings as they make you appear shorter. Avoid baggy clothes as it disfigures your body making you look smaller.

Dark clothes always make you look slimmer, which is also related to looking taller. Same with vertical stripes, opposing horizontal stripes, makes you appear taller.

Don’t be afraid of high heels. You can easily gain extra inches of height walking in ones. Flip flops and flats, however, add nothing. Not a fan of high heels? Pick shoes that add to your height.
How to Look and Grow Taller

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