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How to Light up Your Mood Using 4 Affordable Types of Lighting

What do you need lighting for? You need lighting for a lot of things. Good lighting makes you more capable of seeing and doing things. But, did you know that lighting also affects the way you feel? And, you might have already read or heard about colors effect on feelings, but lighting is one way of altering colors and changing how our eyes perceive them. You can use that to your advantage with the following types of affordable lighting

1- One of the greatest and most affordable sources of soft lighting is candles. Although lighting fixtures that can adjust the level of light are available everywhere now, people have always preferred the soft glow of candles. How they look and smell – in the case of scented candles – is always a sure way of making your mood much better.

2- Many people live in apartments with low ceilings and do not like how hanging lights look (they look as if they consume your already limited space). Therefore, wall sconces are a good type of lighting especially if you are living in a place with low ceilings. Wall sconces also have their own charm with their beautiful soft light that improves your mood and makes your surroundings look prettier and more romantic.

3- Rope lights – like Christmas lights – are another type of affordable lighting that sets the right mood. They are popular not only because of how simple to place and how affordable they are, but also because of the wonders they do to how you feel. Just hang them around the curtain bar or on your dresser for an exotic romantic ambiance.

4- The standard hanging lights provide you with a light that is too strong – and practical – to do anything good to your mood. Night lamps, however, provide you with a soft light that sets the right mood for reading, romance…etc. They are even easy to make or assemble yourself. You can even fix their shades so that you could get the lighting you want and ultimately get the desired effect.

You do not need to spend a fortune to get something beautiful all the time. Sometimes, all you need is the right type of lighting to make your mood better.

How to Light up Your Mood Using 4 Affordable Types of Lighting

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