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How to know that your boyfriend still loves you

It’s very hard for a girl to know what her boy friend is thinking of. Men are not easy to read and you cannot know whether he still loves you or not. It’s very hard to understand how they feel. Here are some signs that will help you to make sure of his love for you.

– If you are always a part of his plans, then he must love you. However, if he has arrangement of his life without you that means that he doesn’t love you.

– Another sign that he loves you is holding your hand in public. It means that he is protecting and reassuring you.

– If he always asks you for your opinion, it means that he loves you and respects your opinion. It does not matter whether he asks your opinion for an important matter or trivial thing.

– Another evidence of your boy friend’s love is small touches. Hugging, touching your neck or your hand or your arms means that he has a great affection towards you.

– When the guy is spending more time with his friends or goes to a soccer game at the weekend or staying out night that means that you have lost his love. On the other hand, if he spends a lot of his time with you and he is happy to do that, then it means that he adores you.

– If the guy does things to make you happy, then it means that he loves you so much. Also, if he still wants what is best for you, then that means that he loves you very much.

How to know that your boyfriend still loves you

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