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How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer?

Do you often find your nail polish chipping after a few hours and suddenly your fingers turn from her sophisticated to mess up? The quality of the nail polish itself is not the problem, the problem is your way of applying the nail polish, correct application will prevent chipping and will make your nails look beautiful all day. Here are some tips to prevent your nail polish from chipping.

1- Fill In The Right Way.

To start it is important to avoid filling your nails from both ends, chose one end to start filling from, also make sure to get rid of the excess pain bits at the edge of the nails, these excess bits can cause chipping.

2- Buff Your Nails.

Don’t skip on the Buffing part, it helps to prevent chipping to a good extent and protect your nail paint to stay on for long time, after filling your nails, use a good quality Buffer to Buff the edge of your nails, this should make your nails smooth enough for applications.

3- Apply A Base Coat.

Most women apply the base see through coat in the top application, but really it should be the base before applying the nail pain, apply a thin clear coat and then allow it to dry for a few minutes then apply your favorite nail paint.

4- Apply The Color.

After you have applied the base coat, now apply the color of your choice, apply only two coats maximum, avoid applying four or five coats, thin coats last longer unlike thick coats that start chipping soon after application.

5- Apply A Nail Hardener.

Nail Hardener is similar to the base coat, it will seal your nail polish and prevent it from chipping, it will keep your nails looking fancy for long, only a thin layer of nail Hardener will do the trick, try to get a natural one though they work better.

6- Avoid Water.

Avoid Water as much as possible, water can cause your nail amounts to start chipping, when your nails remain dry then the nail polish will stay longer, this should be kept in mind while applying the nail polish as well.

7- Apply a Dehydrate.

If you want to protect your nail polish from chipping, use a Dehydrate, it is a product that should be applied before the base coat and before any application of the nail polish to remove excess oil and dirt from the nails so the polish holds properly to the nails.

How To Keep Your Nail Polish For Longer

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