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How To Increase Serotonin Production Naturally

Serotonin is highly essential in enhancing the mood and motivation, However there are many environmental and psychological elements that affect the production of serotonin in your body, fortunately you can keep those things that interrupt the production of serotonin under control by learning and avoiding them.

Anxiety, stress and depression are all factors that reduce the levels of serotonin, over time the levels can become extremely low or unstable.
Low serotonin levels can be a result of two things, wither your brain have fewer receptors to serotonin that a regular person or that your the receptors are looking the functionality with the serotonin produced by your brain. In this article we are going to inform you of some natural and effective ways to boost your serotonin levels so read on.

Before we start, you maybe would like to learn why serotonin is important in the first place. A stable and healthy serotonin production is essential for you from you born until the end of your life, It was proved that both serotonin and vitamin D work together in order to allow the human brain grow in properly and healthy, even in fetus, serotonin ensure a normal development for the brain.

Normal levels of serotonin also protect us against depression as well as helping us to have normal sleep cycles, when the sun goes down our bodies start producing more serotonin and melatonine which helps us relax and fall asleep easier. Another reasons why we need our serotonin levels to be stables include, protection against aggressive reaction, insomnia, learning difficulties, memory loss and anxiety. Now let us take a look at these factors that can help increasing the levels of serotonin in your body naturally.

1- Expose Yourself To Sunlight.

Sunlight allows your body to absorb vitamin D which contribute to the regulating process of serotonin.
Most people often start feeling sad or have a bad mood during the winter when the sun doest arise often, recent studies conducted that the reason serotonin production drop during the winter is the lake of vitamin D your body is absorbing by the sun light. Hence it is important to expose yourself to sunlight daily for 10 to 15 minutes, however sun can also cause harm for fair skinned people so make sure to put on your sunscreen before getting exposed to the sun.

2- Exercise.

Physical activities also play a crucial role in producing adequate levels of serotonin. A study was made on a group of people who were suffering from depression to find out which is the most effective treatment for depression, the group was decided into three groups to test different treatments, the first group was treated by meditation, the second group was treated by exercising and the third was treated by both meditation and exercising accompanied, the results at first was similar for the three groups, however three month later the participants were brought back to test any symptoms of relapse and the results were surprising, the first group that was treated by meditation shown 33% relapse, while the their group that was treated by both meditation and exercising shown 31% relapse and the group that was treated by exercising shown a surprising 9% relapse only. Scientists related that to the increase of serotonin production that occur during physical activities.

3- Massages.

Studies made by the Taylor & Francis group shown that while and after a massage session your brain produce more serotonin, and that massage therapies have been notably used to enhance the mood and prevent depression or stress.

4- Eat Well.

You should always maintain a balanced diet, the nutrients the your body gets by various and balanced foods have a direct effect on your body and brain, a poor and imbalanced diet can significantly mess with the production of essential chemicals produced by the brain.

5- Think Positive.

Your life is how you think of it, of you start thinking positively about your life then you will be able to find happiness within you that make you satisfied with every single aspect of your life, so whenever you feel down or unhappy about something, immediately start thinking about the bright side why that thing happened, and don’t forget life always lead to positive changes.

How To Increase Serotonin Production Naturally

How To Increase Serotonin Production Naturally

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