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How To Increase The Production Of Lymphocytes Immune System Cell) In Your Blood

Lymphocytes is a type of white blood cells that play a role in the body’s immune system by protecting your body from diseases and warding off infections. While you are sick or leading an unhealthy life style, your immune system is suppressed which means you have less numbers of lymphocytes,

increasing the number of lymphocytes cells in your body can differ a lot in your tendency to develop diseases or catch infections, that can be done by making a simple change in your diet in order to get more vitamins and nutrients, scroll down to learn how to boost your immune system by boosting the number of lymphocytes in your blood.

1- Up Tour Intake Of Vitamin C.
Vitamin C is the best substance you need to get through your diet in order to boost your immune system, it helps the body to produce more lymphocytes and antibodies, it also promotes the production of white blood cells in general, you can get vitamin C adequately through vitamins supplemets or through a balanced diet.

2- Drink Green Tea.
Drink green tea daily, the Catechins found in green tea helps the lymphocytes to function at best scale by speeding up their response time to infections and diseases, additionally green tea also contain L-theanine which is an amino acid that was proven to improves the germ fighting components in a type of white blood cells in our blood responsible for fighting germs called T-cells.

3- Up Your Intake Of Selenium Through Seafoods.
Selenium is found in rice, crab, tuna, Garlic, cottage cheese and oysters, it is needed to produce a substance called cytokines which is a chemical secreted by the body’s immune system cells and it affects the white blood cells playing a major part in protecting the body against illnesses and ailments.

4- Get More Zinc.
Zinc is also crucial to help the immune system cells to do their job fighting foreign sickening microorganisms efficiently, lack of zinc could lead to weakened lymph nodes and slow immune response illnesses.
Zinc can be found in Turkey, beef, zinc fortified juices and cereal, crab and oysters.

How To Increase The Production Of Lymphocytes Immune System Cell) In Your Blood

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