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How To Increase Your Calories Intake Safely

All women dream of a fit and sexy body, being underweight is as annoying as being overweight, there are many health issues associated to being underweight therefore, we brought you this article to safely put on weight in a healthy way and avoid anemia, general weakness and lack of energy while enjoying a sexy toned body.

1- Red Meats.
Eating red meats is a quick way to put on weight because red meats are rich with proteins that help in the formation of muscles, besides, red meats are high in cholesterol so they should he your first option to put on weight, the iron found I’m red meats will help in increasing your appetite and preventing anemia.

2- Peanut Butter.
Eating Peanut Butter regularly is an effective way to put on weight because one tablespoon of peanut butter contain about 100 calories, that is besides it’s content of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins like the B vitamins and E vitamin and minerals like magnesium.

3- Drinking Full Cream Milk.
Full cream milk is a simple way to put on weight safely, all you have to do is substitute the skimmed milk with full cream milk because it will give you 60 additional calories plus, milk is a good source of vitamins, minerals and proteins.

4- Eat Fruits.
You should increase your consumption of fruits specially tropical ones like mangoes, papaya, kiwis, Banana and pineapple because they are rich in natural sugar and they help to boost the energy levels.

5- Avocados.
Avocados are rich in healthy fats, half an avocado contain about 140 calories, hence it is a good way to increase your calories intake, also avocados contain high levels of vitamins and minerals specially vitamin E, potassium and Folic acid.

How To Increase Your Calories Intake Safely

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