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How to Have Stronger, Prettier Nails?

Fingernails play a significant role on the overall appearance and can leave a great impression about a person. There are numerous tips about taking care of fingernails, but many of them are just plain false. For instance, when you see a recipe for nails to grow faster, know that it is a scam because nails grow at a fixed rate. However, there are secrets to have stronger nails that don’t break easily and look gorgeous.
Have a peak at the following tips for healthy looking nails:

8. Get Biotin Supplements

Brittle nails are problematic for anyone who would like to enjoy a nice manicure. Thankfully, biotin supplements, a kind of vitamin B supplements, work on strengthening nails, allowing them to grow taller before they break. You can find biotin as a dietary supplement on its own or as an ingredient of skin and nail products.

7. Avoid Nail Extensions

Nail extensions surely look good, but there side effects are not good at all. Apart from the allergic reactions that might occur from the product used to stick the artificial nails, extensions makes your hand prone to bacterial or fungal infections that can lead to long term damage. If you have to use extensions, use ones that are specified for the tips only.

6. Avoid Nail Hardeners and Acetone

Nails are meant to be flexible in order not to break. There are no proven benefits of the use of nail hardeners, unless the nails are extremely fragile, these products may cause more harm than good. As for acetone-based polish removers, they make the nails more brittle and may cause yellowing after long term use. Hence, resort to other kinds of polish removers that are acetone free.

5. Watch out of Shampoos

Hair shampoos don’t only have an effect on your hair; they also affect your fingernails as you lather your scalp with fingertips. Hence, either use shampoo kinds that are not tough on the body’s natural oils, or wear gloves while lathering your hair and scalp to avoid dryness of the fingernails. Always wear gloves while dealing with detergents.

4. Moisturize Cuticles and Nails

Moisturizing cuticles and nails prevents the nails from breaking or having split ends. Hand cream works as an excellent moisturizer as it is thicker than body lotion. Apply the cream all over your hands after washing anything to preserve their health and beauty.

3. File Nail Tips Delicately

Filing nails are necessary for beautiful smooth tips with a unified appearance. Nonetheless, when done roughly with outdated orange emery boards, little breaks and tears might occur in the nails. The best way to file nails is to do it with a smooth file in one direction instead of coming and going, and in a slow manner.

2. Don’t Mess with Cuticles

Cuticles are there for a reason. They work as barriers that protect the nail matrix from possible infections. Removing cuticles may give a temporary pretty appearance, but after a while the place where the cuticle existed swallows, reddens, look worse than before and even hurt. In order to prevent permanent nail damage, let the cuticles be.

1. Consult a Physician when Facing an Unusual Sign

Apart from the normal nail problems such as breakage, nail colors can indicate serious health conditions. Symptoms like white nails refer to a liver condition; half pink, half white to kidney disease; yellow ting with a blush at the base to diabetes; and pale nail beds to anemia. These signs must not be ignored.

Last but not least, everything that applies on your fingernails, applies on your toenails too. In fact, greater care must be taken with toenails as they are more prone to infections.

How to Have Stronger, Prettier Nails

How to Have Stronger, Prettier Nails How to Have Stronger, Prettier Nails

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