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Toxic people are everywhere; they are in cafes, at work and even in your family, waiting to wreak havoc in your life. You must be wondering how to spot a toxic person and how to minimize their bad influence.

We have all run into them at one point or another, the difficult neighbor or the friend who has always a drama and wants you to get involved or the family member who wears you down whenever you see them. Toxicity is what all these people have in common – they are hard to spend time with and unpleasant.

They do nothing to make your life any easier or more successful. They give you the run around as clients, hard- to- please customers and they suck the joy out of work.

If you are forewarned that someone is potentially toxic, you forearmed; you can minimize your contact with them or prepare strategies to deal with them. There are a number of signs of a toxic person that will enable you to spot them a mile away.

– They rarely show any concern for others; they are selfish, busy thinking of themselves. Toxic people happily talk for hour about themselves, and they have no concern for your feelings. They care about what they want to do, how they feel, and will manipulate you to ensure their needs are met.

This could mean asking you to babysit their kids even if it inopportune time for you; they do not care if you have to change your plans. They also like putting you down by criticizing your personality or your looks. At work, a toxic person may prevent you from getting a promotion to stay in their department or demand that you work late, knowing you need to bring your kid form school.


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