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How to handle and take care of your long hair

If your hair is long, then you must give it intensive care. Long hair is more liable to damage. Therefore, if you want to keep your long hair healthy, shiny and beautiful, you should follow some steps for taking care of it.

– Do not use much hair care products. Long hair is very heavy and hair products make it more heavier. Also, hair care products make your hair look flat and lifeless.

– You should purchase a good hair brush of a high quality. Choose a gentle hair brush to void pulling on your hair too much. Also, its better to choose natural bristle brush with rounded bristles.

– It’s better to leave your hair to dry out naturally. The heating instruments may cause damage to your hair.

– Regular trimming helps to keep your long hair healthy. However, it’s not true that cutting the hair makes it grow rapidly. Cutting the hair only helps to keep the hair healthy, neat and free of split ends.

– Tying up the hair causes damages to it. So, do not go for tight hairstyles like pony tails and braids. The best style for long hair is to let it down.

– Choose the hair products that are suitable for your hair type. You should also avoid products with harsh chemical ingredients like sulphates.

– It’s better to leave your hair with its natural colour. Do not use much chemical dyes as their damage on long hair will be hard to fix.

– Treat your hair delicately and gently. Also, do not wash it too often to avoid dryness of the hair. It’s better to wash your hair twice a week and dry it delicately using a towel.

How to handle and take care of your long hair

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