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How To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Back pain is a very irritating pain that happen to many people around the world for many reasons, if you are suffering from back pain or ever have then this article is brought to you, fortunately there are many steps you can follow to prevent and get rid of back pain without the need of consuming too many over the counter pain killers, below we will refer your mind to some of the most effective steps to follow in order to beat back pain.

1- Improve Your Posture.

Wrong posture is the main cause for back pain, practicing a good posture helps take away strain from your spine and make it in the right shape. While you are standing make sure to keep your back straight and aligned with your neck, your shoulders are slightly pushed back, your stomach in and your chest is slightly pushed forward. Try not to carry heavy bags on your back or your shoulders while walking, your handbag shouldn’t be any heavier than 3 pounds, make sure to switch shoulders and be careful when you pick up any heavy object from the ground, make sure to bend your body at your knees while your back is straight.

2- Sit Properly On A Comfortable Chair.

If you spend most of your time sitting on a chair in front of a computer working then make sure to sit with your back straight, your head and neck aligned with your spine, your knees are the same level as your thighs and the chair you choose is very important, it must be comfortable and takes the shape of the spine with neck support.

3- Sleep In A Good Posture.

Try not to sleep on your stomach or your back the best sleeping position is on the sides with your spin naturally curved slightly. The mattress is another important thing to take care of while sleeping, choose a comfortable mattress that takes the shape of your body and is not too hard, the same goes for your pillows, try not to sleep on more than one pillow that is soft and jot firm and hard.

4- Do Exercises.

Exercising will be of great benefit to eliminate your back pain by strengthening your back muscles which make you back able to handle more strain, abdominal exercises, stretching, walking, swimming and other light exercises should tone up your whole body and increase your flexibility.

5- Take Vitamin D And Calcium.

Vitamin D and calcium are important to keep your bones strong, deficiency of these two elements can cause lower back pain, so make sure to expose yourself to sunlight everyday in order to allow your skin to absorb enough vitamin D while increasing your intake of foods that contain calcium, you can also opt for dietary supplements,

6- Hot And Cold Packs.

Hot and cold packs along with oil massaging can be great to take away the tension from your back muscles while stimulating the blood circulation and nerve response in that area, you can use hot towels, a bag of hot sand or ice bags, after you apply a hot back, massage the painful area with a massaging oil then place the cold pack you should notice an improvement with regular usage.

7- Herbal Treatment.

Taking over the counter painkillers on regular bases will only provide a temporary relief for your pain and can even be harmful for your gastrointestinal tract, however there are many natural herbs that work great to relief back pain without any side effects such as turmeric, Boswellia, Cramp Bark and black cohosh.

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain

How To Get Rid Of Back Pain

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