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How to forget your past and starts to live

Your past cannot be changed. You should only learn from your past without dwelling on it. Of course, it needs a lot of time and effort for you to forget your old life and past mistakes, and start concentrating on the future. Here are some great advices for helping you with forgetting your past mistakes and regrets.

– Remember that the past is the past. You can’t change any thing in the past as it is already done. You should stop thinking “What if I had …….” Accept what happened and start thinking about what is going to happen.

– Believe in yourself and your abilities. Try to forget about your past and think about your purpose and reason of living and what you are doing.

– Write down your mistakes in a list and try to amend them. You may write the way you would correct these mistake if you would have the chance to go back to the past. You will be able to analyze where you have gone wrong and therefore you will not remake any of these mistakes you are regretting.

– Stop hurting yourself and try to think that bygones are bygones, and that you tried your best. You may be blaming yourself that you could have done better, but it’s better to learn from your experience to be better in the next time you face the same situations.

– Stay away from negative people. This kind of people will keep on reminding you of your past saying things like, “you should/shouldn’t have done this and that”. Instead, try to be with positive people who will encourage you to have a new start.

How to forget your past and starts to live

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