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How to Establish the Habit of Waking Up Early in 5 Steps

Do you know that most night owls are discovered during the first few minutes of meeting them? Yep, their tired looks, usually red eyes, lack of concentration and cranky personalities give them away. Not only does turning in and waking up early prevent all of that, but it also has a positive effect on your mood, stamina, ability to achieve and even weight loss. Here is how to establish it as a habit:

1- Choose a caffeinated beverage you like. If you are a night owl, then you will definitely need some caffeine to help you in your wake up early program. Caffeine stimulates brain cells and nulls the effect of sleep deprivation. Even if you do not love coffee, there are other hot and cold beverages that contain caffeine like red and green tea.

2- For your breakfast, eat foods that are rich with vitamin E. This vitamin helps in getting all the energy you could get from your food. This way you will be active at morning and you will not have this sluggish feeling. Vitamin E is found in vegetables, chicken, meat, eggs, fruit and beans.

3- Occupying yourself in the morning is a very good idea to establish the habit of waking up early. For example, you can do all your shopping in the morning so that you are out, occupied and not tempted to sleep in. Or you could sign to a gym class or any other activity you like.

4- Turn in early. You will find that the reason for being a night owl is pulling an all nighter or sleeping at the crack of dawn. So sleeping early and getting enough sleep is essential if you want to establish a habit of waking up early.

5- Be in a funny mood. If you are waking up to a stressful life full of responsibilities and pressure you will naturally want to escape it by going back to sleep. To be in a funny mood you need to read or watch something funny

How to Establish the Habit of Waking Up Early in 5 Steps

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