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How to Effectively Decrease Wrinkles

Aging comes with many blessings such as having various life experiences but one of the undesired side effects of aging is wrinkles. Appearance of wrinkles depends on factors like your complexion, skin type and how well you take care of your skin. Once wrinkles appear, it is hard to naturally eliminate them but you can effectively reduce them following the next advices:

Wash Your Face When Needed Only

Skin is protected by its own moisture and natural oils. When you over-wash your face using tap water, you deprive your skin off these protective elements. Clean your face either by using a cream or gel cleanser, or by using a soap containing moisturizer to wash your face.

Eat Salmon and Similar Fish

Fish like salmon are great sources of omega-3 fatty acids and proteins which help in wrinkle reduction. The fatty acids and the proteins serve as nutrient supplies for the skin so it rejuvenates and retains its youthfulness.

Consume Cocoa Drinks

Cocoa drinks are rich with antioxidants like epicatechins and catechins which have marvelous beneficial properties for the skin. The cocoa goodness supplies skin with better blood flow; hydrates it and protects it from sun damage thus improving its appearance and texture.

Sleep with Your Face Up

The best sleeping position for wrinkle prevention is on the back. That is because other sleeping positions like on the side leads to wrinkles on cheeks and chin. Sleeping face down leads to a furrowed brow. The wrinkles are preceded by sleep lines that you can see after waking up.

Avoid Factors that Harm Your Skin

Bad habits like smoking and going out in the sun without protection all contribute to wrinkling skin. Leaving your skin to dry also aggravate wrinkles. Hence, moisturize regularly, wear broad spectrum sunscreen and quit smoking if you do.

How to Effectively Decrease Wrinkles

How to Effectively Decrease Wrinkles

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