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How To Eat Like A Skinny Person

A very successful strategy to help yourself stick to your weight loss program is mimicking how a thin friend or family member of your eat, that will make you live in the characterized for that person so you will fake it until you make it.

Thin people have different ways in eating, they also think about food differently than those who are struggling with weight gain. If you want to eat like a skinny person check out the following tips that will help you do so.

1- Eat Mindfully.

When it is eating time, make sure there are no distractions, studies found that those who eat while being distracted with any distraction source like TV, the new radio, phone or anything actually ate more than those who ate Mindfully aware of what they are eating and enjoying it.

2- Stop Eating When You Are Satisfied Not Full.

Pushing to eat until you are full may cause your body to consume extra calories that will cause you to struggle to shed later on, instead, try to listen to your body when you get satisfied, your brain start sending signals to your stomach within twenty minutes of starting to eat to stop it from overeating, chewing slowly and stopping to eat when you are satisfied will naturally reduce your calories intake.

3- Avoid Emotional Eating.

Those who remain in an ideal body weight for all their life are very less likely to emotionally eat to cope with stress or depression, emotional eating can be a huge stone in the way of your success in losing weight so be aware of it and put limits to this habit.

4- Stick To an Eating Schedule.

By sticking to an Eating Schedule, your body will realize the times it should eat at and won’t produce the hunger hormones in different times to those times, having an Eating Schedule will also help you not to skip on meals or overeat so it is a win win deal.

How To Eat Like A Skinny Person

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