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How to Eat Less and Feel Full

Our brains have a funny way of fooling us, but we can use that to our side nevertheless. Eating too much can’t be healthy, even if it is healthy food. Our craving for more food unfortunately doesn’t understand this point, but we are going to have to force it or even better deceive it. Here are ways you can trick your brain to eat less and still feel full.

1. Take your time
People who eat faster and don’t take their time chewing tend to eat more food than those who eat with a slower pace. So why the rush? Chew slowly, enjoy the taste, and see yourself get full without having to eat too much. You might even keep track of your chews to get yourself in the routine.

2. Use a small dish
You can fool your brain by cramming up food in a small plate, making it think that you ate too much when it is only the efficient amount of food. It’s an easy simple trick that helps you lose weight and eat better without taking notice.

3. Start your day with Protein
Having breakfast containing protein is a plain way to put an end to your hunger during your day not to mention that it helps you maintain a healthier diet. Have nice scrambled eggs in the morning, and kill your daylong hunger.

4. Have three meals
There’s an old saying that goes like you should eat many small meals during your day to help you lose weight without noticing. It’s been proven though, that this is not true. Eating over three meals doesn’t do you any effect in appetite control and it may even make it worse.

5. Know the amount before consuming
Eating straight out of the package is a welcoming method to eat too much. To keep your regard on the amount of food you are going to eat before eating them, might help you eat less. Set an appropriate portion in a plate and make sure you are aware of the quantity before you start eating.

How to Eat Less and Feel Full

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