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How to Decorate Your Room to Make Waking Up Easier

There are many of us who face the problem of not having enough time to sleep, and as a result we become snappy and groggy the rest of the day because of sleep deprivation.

But then there are those who are brimming with energy and vigor even when they sleep few hours every day. The reason is that they have decorated their bedrooms to make waking up easier. How? This is what we will explain in this article.

1- Keep your bedroom organized. An organized bedroom conveys a sense of activity and practicality, while a disorganized one inspires laziness and lack of motivation. Besides, waking up to a lazy room may psych you into feeling stressed and tired even before going to work.

2- Did you know that darkness promotes the production of sleep hormone, and light suppresses it? (That is why it is said it is always better to sleep at early nigh and rise at sunshine). Therefore, make your bedroom somewhere where there are windows facing the sun as it rises.

3- Fill your bedroom with motivation. Instead of usual wall art such as meaningless still life paintings or modern ones, mount ones with proverbs or inspiring pictures. Also frame and mount your certificates and achievements and mount them so you remember each day what you are waking up for.

4- Harness the power of colors. Use bright and lively colors to make your room brighter and livelier. This way, the moment you wake up , you will be active and ready by the feelings different colors of activities convey.

How to Decorate Your Room to Make Waking Up Easier

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